Sunday, June 28, 2009

When are we leaving?

Short answer is: We don't know exactly what day we are leaving.

More detailed answer:

We do not have an exact departure date. We anticipate that we will get our "travel call" somewhere during the last two weeks of August. Once we receive our "travel call" from our adoption agency, CHSFS, we will need to book a flight and be in Korea within 7-10 days from "the call". Now, most people have a reaction to this answer, like... wow that's crazy that they expect you do drop everything and go immediately and second reaction is --that's an expensive flight.

Yes this is true..... however, unless you schedule a C-section no one knows exactly when any child is going to arrive. We do know the "ball park" for when we are traveling and keep that in mind when making any plans during that "window" of time. We do have the 5-10 days to make flight arrangemnts and get things settled. I'll probably be packed the by the first week of August, waiting to go. We also fortunately have my parents available to come and stay with the boys (no we are not taking them on a 17+ hour flight to the other side of the world and then try to fly back with 3 kids) whenever we need to leave. Also, it is not a "requirement" to travel to S. Korea. Parents can choose to have their child escorted to the US, but it is discouraged unless there is no other options. Also, both parents don't have to go, one parent could travel and go alone or with a friend or relative. Lastly, my response is, this is our daugther, I'll drop everything any day to go and get her. I can't wait.
Regarding flight cost, there are "adoption rate" flights that are discounted similarly to family emergency flights. However, we are hoping to use our stockpiled frequent flyer miles to "rule bust" and get two buisness class seats. So we'll see how the logistics all go when the moment really arrives.

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