Sunday, June 28, 2009

How do the boys feel about having a sister?

Both boys are very excited.

Will can't wait. He had a brilliant "revelation" a few months ago, he said, "Wow mom, with three kids that's going to be even more chaos!" I thought to myself... how true that is.

When we told him that we were going to have to wait longer before Gracie came, he was almost in tears.

Leo obviously has a limited understanding of what is about to happen and the impact it will have on his life. He mentions his sister often in conversations. He tells people that his sister's name is Gracie Mae and she lives "at Korea" (South Korea). He knows she has a room in our house. However, to some degree, I think his understanding is also that his sister is a very unobtrusive picture of a little girl on the kitchen cupboard. How quickly that understanding will change in the near future.

Overall, it will be a "stressful blessing" but as most families do we will all adjust to our new life as a family of five.

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