Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Second Meeting with Gracie Mae

Gracie didn't like the horsey very much.
John's whiskers are very amusing.

What baby doesn't love bubbles. These definitely helped break the ice.

Well, we had are second meeting and it also went very, very well. Gracie was more unsure of us for a longer period of time during this meeting. She is definately curious about John, she was staring him down. At first just looking at me she'd start to get anxious and fuss. John was again very entertaining and she really liked him and his whiskers, they made her smile and laugh a little bit. He helped her relax a little. After a while we took out the bubbles and they were a hit! What baby doesn't love bubbles? She was very curious about them. By the end of the meeting, she did sit in my lap and let me hold her without crying. Every once and a while she'd "whip" her head up and look at me, like who is this lady holding me. I'd worry she was going to "lose it" because I wasn't Omma, but she just eventually turned back and looked at what John was doing to entertain her, then a minute or two later she'd do the same thing and check me out. She did this about four or five times, each time it was like she was checking to make sure that weird lady was still there. She didn't end up crying and let me hold her.
We are going to be able to get Gracie the night before we leave, Thurs at 4pm (2am at home). So Thursday evening should be a very interesting night. Apparently, tonight is my last night of good sleep for a while.....but of course, I do not care. I am so excited to be able to spend some time with her and hopefully she will have some time to adjust before we get on the plane.
That's all for now.
See you all soon.


  1. Thank godness John is there to be a play toy! It looks like playing and playing is going to be the name of the game. Can't wait to talk to you when you get home. It sounds like this has been an amazing trip.

  2. She is SO beautiful! I'm in tears reading your updates - thanks so much for sharing. I have a greater appreciation for my parents' experience with my own adoption. It's amazing to think that people from opposite ends of the world can come together to create a family (or new version thereof)! I am so incredibly happy for all of you. Can't wait to meet Gracie!

  3. I am so happy everything went so well. The pictures are great! She is absolutely adorable. The tears were flowing reading your posts. I can't wait to meet her and hear more! Best wishes for the trip home, sending you my love.