Sunday, August 2, 2009

Best Day Ever!!!

Gracie fell asleep in my arms!!

opps! don't know how to fix it.

Gracie's "sister" (foster mother's daughter) and foster mother opening gifts

We got a few smiles!!!

Well we are here and we finally made it!!! Sorry it took so long to post, getting access to the computer was not as easy as I thought. We had our first meeting with Gracie on Friday and for as much as I was trying to prepare myself for the worst, I didn't need too. The meeting was about as perfect as I could've imagined it!!

When we first came in the room Gracie fussed a bit but didn't even cry. We just hung back at first and then gradually started interacting with her. John was awesome and started playing with her and she was very interested in him. Eventually, she reached out and touched his wiskers and it made her smile. She thought it was funny how they were prickly. We played some more and it ended up that the foster mother left the room and the three of us were in there alone together and she didn't cry. Gracie was a bit tired because our meeting time is usually her nap time. By the end of our first meeting, unbelievably Grace feel asleep in my arms holding her blanket, the one we sent her in March!!!

The whole meeting was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The foster mother is a loving, sweet and kind person. We can tell that the foster mother's children really love Gracie too. We gave them our gifts and when the foster mother opened our gift and read the note we included, she burst into tears... then of course, I did too. We hugged. Gracie's foster mother gave us a photo album filled with pictures of Gracie as a little baby and over the past year. There are so many wonderful pictures that show what a wonderful first year of life Gracie has had with her foster family, she has been dearly loved and she will be terribly missed. It makes me sad to know that, yet at the same time, I am thrilled to be coming home with our daughter.

We have been having a WONDERFUL time in Seoul, it is an amazing country. The food has been awesome. We will be seeing Gracie again on Wednesday at 4:00 pm (2 am your time) and then coming home on Friday. I could of course say lots more but my time on the computer has come to an end.


  1. Thank goodness you got on a computer! I heard about the meeting from your Mom and Dad but love hearing it from you and seeing the pictures. You are all in my thoughts every minute of the day. I have taken to perpetually checking the time in Seoul and the blog for updates. Gracie looks like the sweetest thing since sliced pie! She could not be more pretty. I am so thankful you all are having a wonderful time. I can't wait to hear more details about Gracie and the food! I think it is incredible that the foster mother has a kept an album for you. That is a treasure. Natalie and Alicia have been asking about Gracie too. I will tell them to get on to see your updates. Send us more whenever you can! Love you all

  2. OMG! I am all teary eyed! So glad that it went so well! What a blessing! It's so wonderful to see pictures of you three together, can't wait to hear more of your travels and experiences with Gracie! She is SO adorable and her room is too cute too! She will truly have a wonderful life because of you guys!
    Our prayers are with you all!
    Emily Bemis

  3. I, as well, got emotional reading about your amazing day with Gracie! I am very excited for you and you couldn't look happier in the picture holding your sleeping daughter. She is absolutely adorable! Congratulations to your family and I bet Leo and Will can hardly wait to see her! Happy travels and be well. We'll look forward to meeting Gracie hopefully sometime soon.